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From the Lion's Den: June 20th

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A disappointing result against Uruguay had Gerrard clutching for straws, but could Mario Balotelli save the day?

Matthias Hangst

Not much to talk about, but here's some tidbits of news following England's 2-1 loss against Luis Suárez Uruguay.

Hodgson won't resign

Roy Hodgson is not thinking of resigning from his current position as England's head coach despite back-to-back defeat in the group stage, which hasn't happened since.. ever.

"I don't have any intention to resign,"

"I'm bitterly disappointed, of course, but I don't feel I need to resign, no,"

"On the other hand, if the FA think I'm not the right man to do the job, that will be their decision not mine."

"Clutching at Straws" - Gerrard

Steven Gerrard believe that Italy have the quality to win their remaining two games, starting with Costa Rica tonight.

"Italy are a fantastic team and capable of winning both games but we're clutching at straws,"

"The position we're in is the position we didn't want to be in coming into the tournament, relying on other people's results. It's very difficult at the moment."

Phil Jagielka, however, didn't expect such miraculous turn of event to occur though:

"There's a small chance but we are not exactly expecting something like that,"

Super Mario intends to help.. for a peck in the cheek.

If it's any consolation

Oscar Tabarez on England's performance:

"England have no weaknesses, but they had difficulties today in reaching our goal area."

And finally..

This sums it all up: