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England Player/Manager Ratings vs Uruguay

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We'll do our best to hand out fair grades, although as you can imagine, everyone at TLR is extremely frustrated and disappointed this evening.

Matthias Hangst

Joe Hart - 6

I don't think you can blame hart for either goal. It's difficult to get a hand up when you're running in a different direction and he would have had to have supreme reactions to get anything on the second. My main criticism of Hart? there doesn't seem to be any communication at the back. He was almost beaten at his near post twice by Suarez from corners and there were several instances where he could have come for the ball but he stayed on his line.

Phil Jagielka - 5

Although the ball for the first goal was spot on, you need to stay air-tight to Suarez at all times and he let him drift off him. He is a good defender, but he's not an international defender. Never really looked comfortable in possession and always looked a liability to be beaten by good movement pace. Central defense was a major weakness for us tonight.

Gary Cahill - 5

Cahill was very static for the second Uruguay goal and again showed no anticipation. Although he looked quick enough across the ground, he gave away several poor fouls and looked often looked panicked when making a clearance. The central defensive partnership just never worked for me and hopefully we can move on from both.

Leighton Baines - 6

A better game from Baines who didn't enjoy the best evening against Italy. He got forward more and put more balls into the box and with a little less pace down the right he coped better with his defensive duties. However the quality on the crosses wasn't there and he often went with low near post crosses that were not working.

Glen Johnson - 6

Johnson had an assist and you can't take that away from him. He got forward at every opportunity and looked to support the midfielders. However I can't give him anything more than a 6 because of his defensive work. He just doesn't look comfortable defending and he looked as panicked as Cahill when the ball fell to him with a Uruguayan player within 5 yards.

Steven Gerrard -5

I can remember a couple of good balls from Gerrard during the game but he mis-timed his jump for the second goal and never influenced the game as much as you would like. Having that 'Pirlo-type' player sitting in front of the back four is only worthwhile if he can spread the ball. Gerrard never really looked like doing that and he wasn't as active as he usually is.

Jordan Henderson - 7

Henderson shouldn't have been the one substituted at all. He was breaking up play and at least making an effort to play the ball forward quickly. He showed a lot of energy and he was doing a lot of covering for the full-backs who were getting forward. Would have liked to have seen him get forward a little more, but out of the two holding players, Henderson was by far the better player.

Wayne Rooney - 5

He had a tap-in but did he really do anything else? apart from lose the ball quite a lot and not connect the midfield to the strikers. I know it's a popular trait to criticise Rooney at the moment and I'm happy he's got off the mark at the finals, but Roy made a major mistake moving him to the #10 role as it completely messed up the flow we had against Italy and affected the next rating.

Raheem Sterling - 5

Moving to the right was a terrible move for Sterling who found it difficult to get into the game. He often had to cut inside to try and utilise his pace but he couldn't get anything going. He didn't have much chance to show off his pace and he didn't seem to have the same confidence as he did against Italy. He was out of the game for large periods and was eventually substituted to round-off a disappointing night.

Danny Welbeck - 4

I like Welbeck, but did he actually do anything tonight? I honestly can't remember anything he did. Apart from lose the ball a fair few times down the left and show no understanding with Baines. He will run all day and you admire players like that, but there was no quality and no final product and for a player working in an advanced role, that's a problem.

Daniel Sturridge - 7

It was a difficult night for Sturridge, who had to come very deep to get on the ball in the first half. However he showed some excellent movement (which wasn't spotted), worked hard all night, showed great feet to set Johnson away for the goal and at least he was willing to take some shots. His shooting was off and he should have done a lot better with several efforts but he was at least active in the final third.

Ross Barkley - 5 (64th minute substitute)

Showed plenty of desire and willingness but he came on in a right sided role that I didn't understand. He drifted inside but didn't do a great deal.

Adam Lallana - 5 (71st minute substitute)

Came on for Welbeck and made about as much of a contribution, which is not much at all.

Rickie Lambert - 5 (87th minute substitute)

He came on, gave a foul away and mis-controlled a ball and that was his night.

Roy Hodgson - 2 (Manager)

I think Roy had a nightmare tonight. Not only did he move Rooney into a central role at the expense of our best player against Italy, a move that didn't work despite Rooney getting on the score sheet. He then substituted Sterling first, a player who can really punish teams in the final 20 minutes, then brought Barkley into the game as a right sided midfielder, and then to top things off, he took off Henderson who was probably one of our best players on the night. He failed to make the difficult decisions and moulded his team around one player, rather than playing to the strengths of the team as a whole. If we are moving forward with a fast-paced youthful team, then Roy Hodgson is not the man to lead us forward.