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From the Lion's Den: June 18th

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Wayne Rooney dominates the headline again, but there was plenty others to look forward to with Uruguay looming in the next game.

Richard Heathcote
Hodgson to shift Rooney to centre role; Sterling happy to switch

As an attempt to get more from Wayne Rooneythe attacker was deployed in his preferred No.10 role during training. An indication of how Roy Hodgson will approach the game against Uruguay.

Raheem Sterling, who occupied the role against Italy, is happy to switch role with Rooney:

"I would be happy to play anywhere the manager puts me,"

"I will be working for the team regardless of the position I play in."

Rooney strikes back

Following claims that he trained with the "reserves" yesterday, Rooney hits back at his detractors on his Facebook page:

Sometimes wonder what the press are getting at. I said from the start I want to do everything I can to make sure I'm ready for these World Cup games and as part of that I was doing extra training a week before the squad joined up. That's exactly what I did yesterday, my own extra training because that's what I wanted to do.

Lampard defends Rooney

Frank Lampard has come to Rooney's aid claiming that the fixation on Rooney is "counterproductive":

"It's frustrating when you're in a team group and that happens. There is a fixation on one player and rather than a debate. It becomes an agenda so I think we need to drop the agenda and look at the team, whoever plays."

"Rooney is determined at every tournament. A lot of furore has been built up around him but I see the same Wayne. He wants to play well and give everything for the team."

Lineker urges England to be fearless

Former England striker and captain, Gary Lineker, says that England should approach their game against Uruguay "confident of victory":

"There is nothing for England to fear. What they have to do is reproduce the performance they showed against Italy."

Cannavaro's thoughts on England

The legendary and World Cup winning defender share his thoughts about England:

Unleash the Ox!

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could be fit for the upcoming game against Uruguay, here he is on training yesterday: