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From the Lion's Den: June 17th

England prepares for their next game against Uruguay, Find out what the players has to say about the match, and the latest team news ahead of the clash.

"Cheat? Hmm what would Suarez do?", ponders Sturridge. Photo credit
"Cheat? Hmm what would Suarez do?", ponders Sturridge. Photo credit
Richard Heathcote
Call It What You Want

England will take on Uruguay on Thursday, and with both sides going into the game with zero points, this match has been labelled as:

"Do or Die"

Daniel Sturridge is prepared to do whatever it takes for the upcoming clash against Uruguay. Speaking to the media, this is what Sturridge had to say:

"I’m going to do anything in my power to win this game, just like they are prepared to do anything,"

"I’m prepared to do anything, and I’m talking anything."

So no holds barred eh? Anything goes? Well, not quite:

We’re an honest country and we go about our business in an honest way. We don’t like to break the rules. We don’t like to cheat to win. We want to play in an honest way. But I will do absolutely anything."

"Life or Death"

This time it's Uruguay captain, Diego Lugano, who having spent last season with West Bromwich Albion surely knows a thing or two about England:

"The English players are fast and strong."

"That demands a lot of the defenders."

"A Must Win"

Finally, Edinson Cavani, stating that both games against England and Italy as "two finals". While Martin Caceres is puzzled at the manner of the defeat, and adding that the game against England is decisive.

Neville: "(Rooney) is a very important player"

Gary Neville insists that England's coaching staff is happy with Wayne Rooney's contribution thus far, despite the player coming under fire for his less-than-stellar performance against Italy.

Suarez fit for England clash

Perhaps an unwelcome news for England, Luis Suarez has declared that he is "100% ready" and urges the team to "work together" in their upcoming showdown.

Ox returns to training

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who misses England's first game against Italy, returns to training yesterday, but his status for the clash against Uruguay is still uncertain.

England players back on training

Courtesy of England official twitter account: