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From the Lion's Den: June 10th

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We're just a few days away from England's World Cup opener, here's the latest news, updates, and notes from England's camp.

"The beach's that way lads" Photo credit
"The beach's that way lads" Photo credit
Richard Heathcote
Mission: Stopping Andrea Pirlo

If being paid special attention is a point of honor, then Pirlo has scooped up the top prize as Roy Hodgson intents to stop the 35-year old, his plan? Quite simple actually:

"How are we going to stop Pirlo? What we’re going to do first of all is play better this time than we did then"

Jack Wilshere seconds his head coach's statement:

"He is a great player, the anchor. He picks the ball up, he's a playmaker. He gets the game started and we saw that a couple of years ago in the Euros. He was great in that game."

"There will be times in the game when he gets on the ball and then we just have to narrow in and stop his forward balls."

Just don't forget the other nine outfield players and the goalie lads.

Steven Gerrard has minor groin problem

Gerrard's participation during training was short-lived due a slight groin problem. The good news is that he should be available for the "Rumble in the Jungle" against Italy.

Welbeck the capoeira master

Evidence (via England Football Official):

Expect Welbeck and Sturridge to bust-a-move when they score against Buffon.

League One to Brazil

Adam Lallana's remarkable rise from playing League One football to (possibly) starting against Italy for England in the World Cup.

England: World Cup Winners?

A model developed by analysts from Deutsche Bank predicts that The Three Lions could win it all this summer.

Keep this in mind

An article from a researcher analyzing the secret to winning penalty shootouts. Take a note Roy!

England on Instagram

The national team has launched their official Instagram account. No words yet regarding Hodgson's official account.