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Relive Some Classic England Moments.

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It's been a quiet few weeks on the England front, relive some classic moments with me.

Danny Gohlke

As most of you will be aware there hasn't been much going on for England in the last few weeks. The last desperate attempts are in progress to make Hodgson's squad, but I can't help but feel that we've been robbed of a broken metatarsal shocking story. As a result I thought I'd put together a few clips, reminiscing in my favourite England memories. (Disclaimer I'm not as old as some and these are moments I actually remember.)

Where do you begin? Well, one of my favourite early England memories has to be Owen's mesmerising run and brilliant finish against Argentina. He may be a shockingly boring commentator, but once upon a time he could do this.

Michael Owen Goal Argentina v England HD : World Cup 98 (via 101greatgoals)

Another personal favourite of mine just has to be this beauty. I'd go so far as to say that it's possibly my favourite goal ever. Not because it's the best, but because of the significance and overwhelming pressure on the kick of a football that Goldenballs himself so eloquently dispatched into the net.

David Beckham's free kick against Greece (via FAEditor)

The next clip is a funny memory for me. I remember my school granted us the morning off to allow everyone to watch the England v Brazil World Cup Quarter Final. I'd sat down with a bowl of what was likely cereal and proceded to launch this across the room as Owen gave England an early lead. Sadly it didn't end with joy although I'm sure we all know the joke about Ronaldinho lobbing Seaman.

Michael Owen scores against Brazil (via Tobias14)

More recently we've been robbed of great moments, although the turnaround to beat Sweden at Euro 2012 did send me into raptures.

Danny Welbeck Golazo - England 3-2 Sweden Euro 2012 (via TopGoalVideos)

And of course when Kevin Tonkinson knocked out the Argentinians. (Ok it's fictional, but classic nonetheless.)

Mike Bassett England manager-Tonkinson goal & celebrations v Argentina (via MrAlchemist13)

I've been at @SJSAFC, cheers for sharing some of my favourite England memories.