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Nations League Set For Approval

New European tournament set to be agreed tomorrow.

Laurence Griffiths

We all love the European Championships and the World Cup, it ensures we only have to survive without football for around 3 weeks. So would we welcome yet another major tournament for European teams? I absolutely would with no hesitation at all.

UEFA's annual congress will get under way tomorrow in Kazakhstan and the Nations League is expected to be confirmed to start after the 2018 World Cup. Specific details have yet to be released but lets see if we can get some details down:

  • Would occur every two years, starting in 2019. So then it would be in 2021, 2023, 2025 etc etc
  • There would be up to four divisions in this league, with the top tier hosting the best European nations, England are expected to play in this division.
  • The games would be played on dates that have been reserved for friendlies. So less friendlies, more competitive football.
  • You could be relegated and promoted from each division. A final four competition would be played in the summer to determine an overall winner
  • Each division would be divided intro groups. So the 1st division may consist of England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland and Belgium. However that could then be split into two groups, so England, Italy and Spain in one and Portugal, Holland and Belgium in another.
  • Winners of the lower division could then be granted entry to the European Championships.
All of these details are very vague and we'll wait to here more after it is agreed on Thursday. It would mean we get to see England play competitive football most summers. It would also mean that we would likely play the likes of Spain and Italy and playing against the best is always a good way to improve.

The FA are apparently in favour. I mean why wouldn't they be, playing high profile international games brings in revenue for everyone involved, and as mentioned above, it could help improve the national team for the World Cup and European Championships.