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England To Open World Cup Campaign On The BBC

The World Cup is an amazing event for several reasons, one reason is there is decent live football on terrestrial TV

Claudio Villa

The BBC have announced that they will be broadcasting the England v Italy game on the 14th of June. Where as ITV will show the Costa Rica and Uruguay games that follow.

The BBC also has the first pick of the last 16 and Semi-Final games where as ITV will have first choice on the quarters. With both channels showing the final on July 13th.

So that means if England get through all the states you can expect to see them on the BBC during the last 16, ITV in the quarters, the BBC in the semi's and both in the final.

With England facing Italy in their opener at 11:00pm BST, I expect the BBC will go live at around 10pm. Lets hope the game is worth staying up for.