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Where will England be Playing at the Brazil World Cup 2014?

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There are 12 stadiums across Brazil that will be used for 2014 World Cup. In last weeks draw England learned where they will be playing their three group games.

Maracana Stadium Brazil
Maracana Stadium Brazil
Buda Mendes

When every manager says they don't want to end up playing at a particular location you know that England are going to get that venue. Now lets not dwell on that opening game in the Amazon rainforest, or Manaus as it is formally known. Lets take a look at the three Stadiums where England will be playing in Brazil 2014.

Game 1 - England vs Italy

Stadium: Arena de Amazonias
City: Manaus
Capacity: 39,573
June 15th 2014
Kick off: 11pm (GMT)


Game 2: Uruguay vs England

Stadium: Arena Corinthians
City: Sao Paolo
Capacity: 65,000
June 19th 2014
Kick Off - 8pm (GMT)


Game 3 - Costa Rica vs England

Stadium: Estadio Mineirao
City: Belo Horizonte
Capacity: 57,483
June 24th 2014
Kick off: 5pm (GMT)


Overall we can't complain too much about the venues in the group draw. Apart from the long journey to Manaus our other two games are the two closest venues to our base in Rio de Janiero. We're fairly sure the England squad won't be flying on a Ryanair flight to each venue so there isn't a lot more to say on the matter. Keeping Balotelli and Suarez quiet in the opening two games is far more important than worrying about the players sitting on an aeroplane for too long.