England Euro 2016 squad

England Euro 2016 squad

So we are in a year that ends with an even number which means the depression of waiting for next season to start is briefly interrupted by the excitement of the Euros and all the optimism and hope that quickly descends back into the realisation that England aren't actually as good at football when they have to play teams bigger than San Marino.

The optimism and hope hasn't quite gripped the nation yet as our manager, Mr Roy Hodgson, has about as much charisma and passion as his sagging weasel face suggests. None. He has been given an absolute lifeline this year with so many players missing most of the season and a lot of the others playing terrible for the most part that he should have been able to pick a squad that nobody could argue with.

However it seems there has been mass debate about the shock of Danny Drinkwater being told there is no space for him on the plane. I have to say I am one of the disappointed fans who wanted him there but, before all you know it all arsenal fans spit your dummies out, i am not saying he is a better player than Wheelchair.

The reason it is disappointing is because Drinkwater is just coming off the back of a season where he has won the premier league title with a team that are only usually associated with walkers crisps (those packets of air that smell of a range of flavours). He has been a key part of that team and although maybe not as key as some other players, like Kante who should have every street in Leicester named after him because he covers that much ground or Mahrez who can look totally uninterested for 80 minutes and like ronaldinho for the other 10, he has easily done enough to at least be our backup centre mid especially when we play games a few days apart.

We all knew he was going to take Jack Wheelchair and that is something we just have to live with despite him playing less football than my grandad this season. It is easier to accept his inclusion ahead of some of the other players although he is a jumped up, sulking, whining, injury prone prick who runs like a toddler he at least has some ability. Admittedly it is the same ability he had way back when he was a promising 17 year old and hasn't really improved much he is still far better than Jordan 'the next gerrard' Henderson.

Henderson for me is just like a puppy trying to get the ball from it's owner and when it finally gets it just kind of trips over it and rolls over and tries to get it again. I thought he was looking a good player a couple of seasons ago but he just seems to be missing something, Steven Gerrard perhaps.

Rooney is always the one that people love to hate and the argument is usually that he only scores goals against tiny countries. For me though as much as he hasn't quite been the same this season, which is understandable under that delusional ego maniac Van Gaal, he could quite easily be one of our best midfield options should old dinosaur Roy ever look to adapt. He has a better range of passing than anyone in an England shirt and he scores goals so hate him all you want but looking like Shrek and sleeping with people who were his age the last time England won a world cup doesn't mean he isn't one of our most technically gifted players.

Barkley is one that should consider himself lucky to be going and this is coming from someone who has been a big admirer of his. Quite simply put he has been an absolute disaster for the last 6 months alongside most of the everton players in fairness. It is good to take him just so Vardy has someone to go halves on WKD with and talk about bassline to however if we are complaining that players should be picked on form then he has been lucky to scrape this final 23.

The big annoyance for me as a lot of people who have watched football with me will know is having to watch Sterling running around like a camp dinosaur again. I have been very consistent in my hatred of this overrated waste of space. He has pace but his decision making is absolutely terrible. It is like looking through the whole of netflix and deciding to watch a Jack Black film. His end product is about as good as a 5 year olds painting that gets put on the fridge out of politeness and blind love. He is just quite simply a poor mans Theo Walcott and that is about as insulting as it gets. I would rather beg Darius Vassel to dust off his boots and join the squad than take Raheem Sterling.

The other inclusions I really wanted to see were Mark Noble and Jermaine Defoe. Noble has been amazing for west ham, his work rate and attitude are brilliant enough but he can also take set pieces and pick out a pass and get stuck in. Obviously not one for the future but would be better to have him as an option short term whilst bringing young players such as ward prowse and loftus cheek through in a few years.

Defoe is just a natural finisher and with the limited chances we usually get in a tournament he could have provided a better option than Sturridge if we are needing a goal. Sturridge has some ability don't get me wrong but his attitude and teamwork is non existant. You have to worry about a player that Chelsea and City were more than happy to offload and never missed him. He is far too injury prone to take to a tournament where we play Saturday, Thursday and then Monday. He is crying out for a full pre season not an international tournament. Must be about 5000/1 for him to start the first game of next season now with his injury record.

So apologies for the long read but just wanted to share a few opinions (which i am entitled to do these days as a single man). I will still be supporting England of course as much as I want Roy Hodgson to fail because us English are a proud bunch. Get your England flags out and your Englsnd shirts on but only to show support for England not to try and show off how much of an EDL prick you are by waving them in foreigners faces and desperately trying to provoke a reaction so you can tell them to F off if they don't like it because racism is far too ridiculous to be acceptable in this day and age.

Anyway lets all enjoy the tournament and see how many of these players hopefully prove me wrong!

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