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Internationals Across Britain

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England's playing this week, but they aren't the only national team on the British Isles. Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland - and while we are at it, let's throw in Ireland - all play matches this week.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

This week of international play sees a few important matches for the national teams across Britain. England, Wales, and the Republic of Ireland all play qualifying matches for next year's European Championships. It is expected that England breeze through qualifying and is already comfortably leading their group. However, Wales and Ireland are expected to be much tighter, so winning points in these matches is very important. Wales are second in their group behind Israel (their opponents this week) with Bosnia and Belgium slipping up in the early matches. Scotland and Ireland are both in a tough group with Poland and Germany. They sit in third and fourth, respectfully, with Scotland in position to go to an extra qualifying match. England is also playing an additional friendly against Italy. Scotland and Northern Ireland feature a single friendly match. In an interesting coincidence, they will be playing against each other. That match will be played later tonight in Glasgow.


March 27

vs. Lithuania. (Home) (Euro Qualifier)

March 31

vs. Italy (away in Turin) (Friendly)


March 28

vs. Israel (away in Haifa) (Euro Qualifier)


March 25

vs. Northern Ireland (home) (friendly)

Northern Ireland

March 25

vs. Northern Ireland (away in Glasgow) (friendly)

Republic of Ireland

March 29

vs. Poland (home) (Euro Qualifier)