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Wembley to host Euro 2020 Semifinals and Final

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But England still have to qualify.

Paul Gilham

The Euro 2020 will mark the 60th anniversary of the tournament that was first held back in 1960. As such, UEFA planned to celebrate this momentous occasion by holding the competition across Europe (though it was motivated by the fact that Turkey dropped their bid to host the competition outright, oh well) with initial proposal calling for matches to be held in 13 European cities, but the semifinals and final will be held in one city.

Now, European football governing body UEFA has confirmed that England, specifically Wembley will host the semifinals and final stage of the European Championship in 2020 after an unanimous voting. This marked the first time that the new Wembley will host a European Championship tournament, with the old Wembley one of the venue that was used when England last hosted a major football event, Euro 96 (which also incidentally was the last time England made it to the semifinal stage of a major competition).

Now before you jump for joy at said announcement thinking that England will have a free pass to Euro 2020, that is not the case. Due to the fact that there will be no single host, then every country in UEFA must compete in the qualifiers to secure passage to Euro 2020. However, with the number of contestant increased from 16 to 24 beginning in the next Euro (France 2016), its safe to say that England should qualify.

All that remains is the headache that UEFA will have to go through in dealing with 13 different football associations and 13 different local organizing committees as well as sorting out the logistics. For the fans, I advise you to start planning your Euro trip across 13 cities in 13 countries, six years in advance.

Euro 2020 venues: