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Could England Switch to 3-5-2 System?

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With Man United set to kick off their new season against Swansea this Saturday, could England copy their formation?

Clive Brunskill

The Netherlands played some of the most attractive football at the 2014 World Cup. Inspired by their 3-5-2 system, they were solid defensively and lightning quick in attack. Manchester United will be developing this system in the Premier League this year and It's going to be very interesting to see how they do.

However when thinking about the system, it got me thinking about the England team and if we could incorporate it to offer something a little different going forward. Personally I think it could really work with the squad we have at our disposal. If we were to see the 3-5-2 system, it would look a little like this:

GK - Joe Hart

DC- Gary Cahill

DC- Phil Jones/Phil Jagielka

DC - Chris Smalling/John Stones

RWB - Glen Johnson/Kyle Walker

LWB - Luke Shaw/Leighton Baines

MC - Jordan Henderson

MC - Jack Wilshere

MC- Ross Barkley

ATM - Raheem Sterling

ST - Wayne Rooney

ST - Daniel Sturridge

One of the main concerns surrounding England recently related to Wayne Rooney, where would be hit into this team with Daniel Sturridge the man on form. Well with this formation, he gets to play up top with Sturridge and be supported behind by an attacking intelligent footballer in Sterling. Rooney doesn't need to be in the middle of the park slowing the ball down, he can be operating almost exclusively in the final third. We get to put three young English midfielders in the team in Wilshere, Barkley and Henderson. We also get to allow our full-backs the freedom they desire to get forward. Both Luke Shaw and Glen Johnson love getting forward. This allows them to do that and provide support to both defense and midfield.

It's not really Roy's speciality to experiment with formations, but I would seriously consider playing this. It is a formation adapted to the personnel instead of squeezing a formation around a single player.

What does everyone think?