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What Would You Do Differently For England's Campaign

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England have been home for some time now, and the World Cup is winding down, now we have to address the performance.

Jeff Gross

Looking at the World Cup, there is a lot to be disappointed about, we crashed out early, we never really looked that competitive and we scored a grand total of 2 goals.

Some have suggested that Ashley Cole's absence contributed to England crashing out of the World Cup with a whimper. There is absolutely no escaping the fact that Leighton Baines looked out of his depth against both Italy and Uruguay and our defensive frailties in general seriously affected us.

However would Ashley Cole have been helped all that much? I can't see how the inclusion of the left back would have helped us. Maybe playing Luke Shaw over the Everton left back would have done more for us in the tournament and going forward. That makes more sense to me than including the defender who now plays for Roma.

Were we too reliant on Wayne Rooney? did we alter our system too much to accommodate the talent who has failed time and time again to shine on the brightest stage. Some have praised Rooney's performance in that was topped off with a simple tap-in against Uruguay, personally I saw it as negatively affecting the flow of the team in general. What we gained from Rooney didn't dwarf what we lost in Sterling once he was moved out to a wide position.

Should we have seen more of Wilshere and less of Gerrard? this is pure hind-sign as Gerrard was our best player going into the tournament and it was just very unlucky that he had one of his worst games against Uruguay.

In my very humble opinion, there wasn't anything we could have done. We didn't have the quality we needed, we didn't have the ability we needed and in the end we ended up where we deserved to be, watching the World Cup knockout stages from home.

We had a lot of youth in this team and I hope we stick with the youth through the qualifying campaign for 2016. However Roy needs to make an important decision about Rooney, until he does that, we'll be stuck in a vicious cycle.