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Don't worry about the kids: David Beckham

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Are you worried by the inexperience of the youthful section of the England squad? Well according to former captain David Beckham, you shouldn't be.

Richard Heathcote

The only people worrying about the amount of youth infused into the England squad for Brazil are the old commentator heads. Many England fans are calling for the likes of Sterling, Barkley and Chamberlain to be given a starting spot. So are we right to want youth, or are the commentators right to want experience?

"People have said they're worried about young kids going into a massive tournament but there's no reason to be worried," said former captain Beckham.

"They're all playing in the best league in the world - the toughest league."

"They're all playing against top quality players week in, week out."

I think this is the point many of us are trying to make. Sterling is coming off a fantastic season for Liverpool where he played a monumental roll in securing Champions League football for the Anfield outfit. Barkley was part of an Everton squad that pushed Arsenal all the way for the final spot to play in the best European competition and Chamberlain was a pivotal player while Arsenal were leading the pack around Christmas.

"They're young kids and young kids are always nerve-free when they go into these competitions," said Beckham.
"But you need a bit of experience and we've got it in this squad.
"Steven Gerrard is in great form and the young lads are going to need people like him and Frank [Lampard] who have that experience.
"But the youngsters will be so excited about this World Cup."

We want players who will go out their with no fear. We don't want players who are bogged down by previous failures and under-performances. How heavy is the weight of past disappointment in Wayne Rooney's mind? If you replace that with the youthful exuberance of Raheem Sterling, what happens? Who knows! It's certainly worth a try though.