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Roy Hodgson Will Remain England Manager

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England are one of only four teams to already be eliminated from the World Cup, however don't expect a lot of changes from the FA

Matthias Hangst

England will be heading home early next week following their meaningless game against Costa Rica. With England already eliminated and Costa Rica already guaranteed a spot in the knock-out stages, pride will be all that's at stake for England after they failed to progress from the group for the first time since 1958.

However FA chairman Greg Dyke has confirmed that Roy will remain England manager and will lead the team in their efforts to qualify for Euro 2016:

"I already see people asking the question, 'Will he stay?' The answer is 'yes'."

"There are a lot of young players who got blooded here and got into tournament football."

I see a lot of people unwilling to take responsibility for unacceptable failure. As our national sport, failing at the World Cup is the greatest loss in a coaching career, worse then final losses or relegations. Thankfully for the FA they have a ready-made excuse, the youth! We selected enough young players to warrant the FA having the choice to stick with Roy Hodgson, who in my very humble opinion looked tactically inept with a promising and exciting group of young players.

Roy is not a terrible manager, however he's also not an elite manager. If Roy is to stay on as manager and that all but looks a certainty, then I hope this World Cup and his insistence on building around individuals rather than the team is a hard learned lesson.