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The FA announces plans for a 'B League'.

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What should we make of this 'B league' proposal?

Clive Mason

So, after months of research and meetings the FA's commission has come up with the answer to all our woes, all our prayers and that is.....a 'B league'. 

You can likely detect a hint of sarcasm.  Although I firmly support an investigation into how English football can be improved, I can't help but feel that the 'B league' idea is a poor attempt to emulate the system of countries who are currently more successful than us.

The aim of this 'B league' is to increase the number of British players in the Premier League, with a target set of 45% by 2022.  The danger is of course, is that these 'B teams' may seriously impact lower-league clubs who may lose revenue and the chance to loan young players.  Although 'B teams' have worked reasonably well in other countries such as Germany and Spain, it seems the case that many of their lower league teams are not as well supported as lower league teams in the UK.

This 'B league' would spawn between League Two and the Conference. Without being disrespectful to lower league teams, is throwing our youngsters into this standard of football, that is often not for the purists, really going to aid the England team in the long-run? Would a reserve league not be a better option? It might well be more competitive than the current under 21 league, as it would invite a mix of older and younger players, whilst allowing younger lads to play with experienced pros.

Ultimately, I'm really not convinced about this 'B league' proposal, but we clearly need some form of change.  I think that a major investment into grassroots football might be a better way to go. What do you think? Leave your comments below or reply to the Three Lions Roar Twitter page. @SBNLionsRoar