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How Liverpool Could Help England Reach The Highest Level

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The Premier League runners up will continue to add to their squad before the World Cup, but how can their transfer activity actually help England.

Mike Hewitt

If only the signings were made last year, we may be seeing much more benefit in Brazil. As Liverpool continue to add to their English contingent, will playing together on a weekly basis improve the England style?

I couldn't help but feel a little bored last night as I watched England knock the ball around a weakened Peru side at Wembley. International football is different to domestic football, I think that is a reality we just need to face.

Here in England we are lucky enough to see the fastest league in the World. One of the most competitive leagues where free-flowing attacking football is the number one objective. So when the England team gets together, we expect to see the same thing. However when you only play together a handful of times a year, are you going to be able to play that kind of football? probably not.

This week we've heard rumour after rumour regarding players moving this way or that way. It looks as though Rickie Lambert will be heading to Anfield after he completes his medical today. There are also fresh rumours revolving around a £25 million bid by Liverpool for Southampton midfielder Adam Lallana. I can only imagine Southampton fans are not best pleased with Liverpool at the moment.

However as a neutral in all of this, if Liverpool do manage to pull off the signing of Lambert and Lallana, that can only be good for the national team. Lambert likely won't be involved in Euro 2016, after all he will be 34 and counting. However he certainly may be involved in the qualification period. So let's say the deal goes through for both players, here are the English players around the national team who Liverpool will field next season:

Glen Johnson

Jon Flanagan

Steven Gerrard

Jordan Henderson

Daniel Sturridge

Rickie Lambert

Adam Lallana

Raheem Sterling

Defensively we're not really looking at a lot. Glen Johnson has never shown me enough to make me believe he is the answer at right back and his defensive lapses worry me. I'm also not too sure about the future potential of Jon Flanagan.

However if you look at the midfield and forward area, there are a host of names here who you would hope would be starting for England. The combination of Gerrard and Henderson in midfield, the wide duo of Adam Lallana and Raheem Sterling and the strike partnership of Lambert and Sturridge.

Now lets not go too crazy. We know Gerrard likely has one of two years ahead of him and I can't see Lambert forcing that man Luis Suarez out of the team any-time soon. However the more players you have playing week in and week out together, the better the understanding will be, the better the understanding, the better the football, the better the football the better chance of winning.