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Summer Transfer Rumours: Luke Shaw & Adam Lallana, Do Not Disturb!

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Today we talk Luke Shaw and Adam Lallana

Richard Heathcote

World Cup summers are always interesting for transfer rumours. Clubs will continue to do their business as quickly they can, players will be off in different countries in preparation and then secluded in a hotel for what they hope to be a month.

Unfortunately clubs don't really care if their transfer activity is a distraction to the player in question, who is or at least should be concentrating on their international performances alone. So over the next month, we are going to be keeping a close eye on the transfer rumours surrounding the English lads.

Luke Shaw - Interested teams: Manchester United & Chelsea

So we all thought Luke Shaw to Manchester United was pretty much a done deal. We heard all the rumours about him shopping for a house around Manchester etc, although when those rumours came out I thought he was in Portugal. However if you believe the Daily Express, they have indicated that Chelsea may be ready to hijack United's £27 million offer for Shaw. Luke is a childhood Chelsea fan, so I have no doubt that would be very appealing for him. He is ready for the next stage in his career and with Mauricio Pochettino jumping ship to Tottenham, I wouldn't be surprised to see this deal get done. However Luke has assured England fans he will not allow the big money money to distract him while on International duty.

Adam Lallana - Interested teams: Liverpool

There has been rumours for a couple of weeks now about Liverpool's interest in Southampton's young midfielder. Lallana who is currently away with England is believed to be valued at £25 million by his parent club, while Liverpool are rumoured to be interested around the £20 million mark. Who knows if there is any truth to these rumours, however Adam won't let it distract him. Speaking to the BBC recently he commented:

"Whether my future gets sorted before or after the World Cup makes no difference to me," he said.
"I am just fully focused on doing well for England and performing as well as I can."