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Wembley In Final Two For Euro 2020 Final

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Are we close to getting our first major international final since 1996

Mike Hewitt

Earlier this week we reported that England were submitting a bid to host the semi-finals and final of the European Championships in 2020. To mark the anniversary of the tournament, it is being hosted across Europe for the first time with many countries submitting bids for either the group stages or the knock-out stages.

UEFA have confirmed they have narrowed the choice down for the semi-final and final package to just two venues. Those being Wembley in London and the Allianz Arena in Munich.

The FA has also put England forward to host three group stage games and a match from the last-16 or quarter finals.

Turkey were also in consideration for the final or Euro 2020, however they withdrew their bid to focus on hosting the entire 2024 tournament. Germany have hosted a tournament recently, with the 2006 World Cup taking place there.

Wembley however now holds 90,000 in comparison to the Allianz which holds 71,137 people. Here's hoping we get the go ahead to host the 2020 European Championship Semi Finals and Final.