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Januzaj Chooses Belgium.

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Januzaj has committed his international future to Belgium.

Alex Livesey

Adnan Januzaj has elected to play for Belgium. As many of you will be aware, he was eligible to play for England (amongst several other countries) if he stayed here until 2018, although the chances of him actually choosing England were slim.

I'm personally not overly gutted. For all he's an excellent player, his diving seriously irritates me and I firmly believe that generally speaking, players should represent their country, not one that they qualify for because of the length of time they've lived there. There are of course exceptions to this such as Mo Farah who clearly has a connection to Great Britain, despite being born in Somalia. I do think in Januzaj's case though, it would have been daft if he'd ended up playing for England.

Belgium don't have a bad side now!