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Is Scoring Enough For Defoe's England Chances?

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Will Defoe end up going to the World Cup? even if he scores a bagful in Toronto.

Jag Gundu

In our daily links we mentioned that Jermain Defoe made a rousing start to his life in Canada by scoring twice on his debut. Of course he stills holds out hope that he can make the squad, but is that enough?

"The most important thing is winning the game, but to score two goals in your debut is a dream," Defoe told the Toronto Sun. The 31-year-old had said he was sure Hodgson would be watching with interest.

I really like Defoe as a player, and the MLS is really coming along as a league. However even if Defoe scores 15 goals between now and the end of the season, will the league he is doing it in count against him when it comes to selection?

I was in New York a couple of years ago and I took in a NY Red Bulls game, while enjoyable as a new experience, the football on show was relatively poor, even with Henry on offer. It reminded me a lot like the Championship in England. At times it was fast, and physical, but in terms of technical ability, it wasn't always the best, not World Class at least.

Things may have changes, however is more impressive that Defoe can score in the MLS, or that someone like Danny Ings can score 20 goals already this season in the Championship? What about Jordan Rhodes, another good English player in the Championship who has also netted 20 times this season.

We all know what Defoe brings to the table. He'll bag you a goal when you need one and the fact Spurs didn't play him more is still a mystery to me. If the Strikers job is to stick the ball in the back of the net, very few did their jobs as well as Defoe. He's 31 and still has pace, he's one goal shy of scoring 20 times for his national team and personally I think he will go to the World Cup.

If Defoe is selected, I don't think it's going to be based on what he is doing in the MLS. I think it's based on what he has done in the EPL, playing a different kind of football and scoring isn't going to hurt though.