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What Happens if England Wins the World Cup?

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Let's play a little game here. Roy takes the team to Rio and wins the World Cup. Now what?

Buda Mendes

While you are all laughing here, let's imagine this, England beat Germany on penalties to win the trophy. Does this change the FA or the country that much? Also, as an aside, I'm not British, I'm sitting in cold Upstate New York, so the effect won't be felt over here. However, it could help the game, because we all know the world revolves around the English game.

With the memory of 1966 slowly dying off, seeing the home country get another title, would be a great way to inject some life into English football. A lap around the stadium with some of the old boys of 66 would be great. Showing the world that the country is back, and knocks the doubt out of people's mind until Euro 2016.

That being said, the big problem with the sport in the country is the lack of youth development, because the sport is more interested in the shiny thing. And the shiny thing is a foreign player who was developed with a massive club. It's apparently the in thing to do. Maybe this would completely halt the growth of the English footballer for a long time. The closest to a world beating player England has is either Steven Gerard, and Wayne Rooney. The next generation hasn't gotten the time at the top, outside of Luke Shaw, Ox, and Wallcott. Here's the thing those three are all from one academy. This will probably cause the FA, and the clubs to say "We've gotten it right the whole time, we don't need to listen to our fans."

Would it cause the former footballers, like John Terry, who lets be honest is on his last legs, to hang up the boots to go into coaching? Although he has been one of the best CB's in the league this year. The best managers in the English leagues aren't even English. The Liverpool manager's for most of their history haven't been from England but from the UK, I know arguing semantics, but where's the Wayne Rooney's getting into the management? Will we see David James in the caretaker role? No, and the England set up had an ex-player recently in Stuart Pearce. He was blamed for the players not progressing, great name to make a scapegoat.

There's also the theory building in my head, that Roy would end up walking away if it happens. Let's be honest Roy's not a young man, and probably is only making one World Cup cycle. Winning the WC would probably push him into retirement, and leaving the FA to find another uninspired selection again. Not saying that Roy was bad, if they win the World Cup, however, they could have found someone to advance the game.

Then there's the fact that people like to create disturbances. The massive amount of riots, and mayhem that would happen, is scary. Many Mini Coopers would be on their sides, and couches would be inflamed. That's just what happens world wide if a team wins. The mass amount of time the Met Police or whatever your police are called in the towns, would have to put in would be alarming. The Government would have to call in the Army too.

Let's hope that England wins the Cup, because what a story!