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England Hopefuls: Chelsea

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We continue our series looking at each team and all the England hopefuls! Today we focus on Chelsea.

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Chelsea can undoubtedly afford the best foreign talent that money can buy, you just need to look at their midfield as testament to this. However Chelsea also have a crop of talented English veterans and youngster who are battling for World Cup places as well as spots in future England teams.

Today we are going to look through the majority of those players with projections about their status for the 2014 World Cup and beyond. If you didn't get chance to check out our Arsenal feature earlier this week, make sure you give it a view by clicking HERE

John Terry

The constant will he, wont he seems to have come to an end. Or has it? Really we are no further along in our quest to discover if John Terry will ever play for England again. Roy considers John retired......what else is he going to say? John hasn't come out and said he wants to play for England again, so we are nowhere. We are in the proverbial middle ground. I still don't think he will play for England again, I think he'll continue his good club form for another year or two and enjoy his retirement.

On the Plane? - Nope, he'll be sitting on a cold beer in the Maldives as England battle the Italians.

Future For England: I don't think he has one!

Ashley Cole

Cole has been a staple of the England team for over 10 years now. However Hodgson has recently come out and said his place may be in danger. After all, if you've only started a handful of games for your domestic team, it may be very hard to get into the international team. Also you have to consider that left back may be the strongest position for England with the likes of Baines and Shaw knocking on the door. I like Cole as a player and still believe he has a lot to offer, but with Shaw really performing well and Baines finding his way back to form after an injury lay-off, if Cole doesn't play he simple can't go.

One the Plane? Yes, In the end I think he'll pick up some domestic action and go based on experience.

Future For England: I see Baines as the short term answer and Shaw as the long term answer.

Frank Lampard

Super Frank Lampard, one of England's finest, but a player who perhaps failed to replicate his domestic dominance onto the World Stage. I remember thinking in South Africa that he wouldn't be around for another World Cup and I really don't think he'll be playing in Brazil, He has experience and he still has talent. However like with Cole, he's not playing on a regular basis for the blues so picking him to perform in scorching heat in Brazil is probably not the most intelligent idea. Frank has been a tremendous servant to England but with the new crop of English midfielders coming through, it may be time to step aside. He hasn't played in 5 of the last 7 Chelsea games and injuries may start to creep up more and more.

On the Plane? No, sorry Frank but I'm leaving you at home to relax this summer.

Future for England: Unfortunately I think that's it. I sense an International retirement coming following Brazil.

Gary Cahill

Cahill has been a rock under Mourinho, according to Squawka statistics he has scored one, created 6 chances, been consistently good on the ball and not committed any defensive errors all season. Now that is something to be proud of and he should be the first centre back on the list of names to take. He's 28 so he still has a few good years in him yet and if he can just find that perfect partner, England would be set. There isn't a great deal to be said about Cahill that hasn't already been said.

On the plane? Absolutely, 100%, no questions asked.

Future for England: He'll be a starting England centre back for the next 4 years in my mind. A great solid foundation.

Ryan Bertrand

Oh hello yet another English left back with a ton of potential. Unfortunately for Bertrand he was blocked at Chelsea by several players, so he was loaned out to Aston Villa to get some vital Premier League experience. Unfortunately Bertrand has found himself in a tough situation at Villa with them deep in relegation trouble along with 10 other teams. Going forward he has been consistent, supporting the wide players and getting some dangerous balls into the box. However defensively he has been a little lightweight, Squawka have calculated that he has won less than 50% of his defensive duels which is a worry on any stage. At 24 he really isn't that very young whipper-snapper any more.

On the plane? 100% no. We have too much talent to even consider Bertrand an option for Brazil.

Future for England: Anything can happen but personally I think Gibbs and Shaw are the future for England at left back. I'm sure he'll get his games here and there, but I just don't see him as the futre.

Josh McEachran

A lot has been said about the young English midfield prospect and after spending a successful loan spell at Middlesbrough last season, some expected him to challenge for a squad place with Mourinho's men. However it was decided he would be best served going back out on loan, first at Watford and currently at Wigan. Josh made a great start to the Championship season sitting in the midfield and dictating play for Watford, he completed 88% of his passes which is a fantastic rate for a central midfielder who is harassed and hurried for much of the 90 minutes.  He's just 20 years of age and has a lot of time to develop his obvious natural talent, he gained valuable international experience with the U21 side and he'll be hoping he can finish the season strong at Wigan where he has already made 8 appearances.

On the plane? 100% not, it's too early and he's plying his trade in the Championship.

Future for England: England have a very bright future in midfield with the likes of Wilshere, Ox, Barkley, Morrison and others, there is no reason to believe Josh won't be among them when the time comes.

Nathaniel Chalobah

Chalobah is a very interesting case, in 2012-13 he enjoyed a very successful loan spell at Watford which saw him rise to prominence among many England fans. One to watch, a guy for the future without a doubt. However this season at Middlesbrough he has barely played a single game. In fact he went 26 games without seeing the field, and it's only over the past 4 games he has come into the side. A deep lying midfielder who specialises in breaking up play. I think we can all say this may have been a wasted year of development for Nathaniel who is still only 19 years of age. I hope he finishes the season strong, as he has a ton of talent, but if you are not on the field, you're not going to be able to show it.

On the plane? 100% not, he isn't even playing in the Championship

Future for England: I still have great faith in him, but he needs to choose his next loan spell carefully, somewhere where he is guaranteed to play.

Patrick Bamford

A player who has been capped by England at almost every level. Patrick enjoyed a very successful loan spell at MK Dons where he scored 18 times in 37 games. He has continued his good form this season scoring 4 goals in 6 appearances for Derby County. Bamford is a tall striker at 6"2, but like a Peter Crouch he is also good with his feet. I haven't seen a massive amount of Bamford this season but all the Chelsea fans I talk to seem to rave about him. He's only 20 years old so he has time on his hands.

On the plane? 100% not, he needs to be doing it at the Premier League level.

Future for England: Why not? he is banging in the goals wherever he goes, it's only a matter of time before a Premier League club takes an interest and if he continues to bang them in, he'll be in the squad in no time.


Let me know who you like from the list above, and if you are a Chelsea fan, come on board and share your wisdom along with any other prospects we should be watching out for.