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England Can Navigate Through Their Tough World Cup Group

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I try not to read The Sun newspaper, but this morning they ran with a front page of "Lord Help Us" with a picture of Rio's famous Christ The Redeemer Statue. Personally I think we need to take a step back from the all is lost standpoint.

Michael Regan

There is no doubt that we could have drawn an easier group. After all, we all didn't want to go into Pot 2 because that almost guaranteed a tougher draw, but I failed to consider that we would be drawn with the team moved to Pot 2 making it just as difficult. Unfortunately that happened.

On the face of it, all three of the teams we are facing are difficult opponents, but lets just remember that this is a World Cup, qualifying is done, the best of the best are now playing each other, you're going to get difficult games. Would we rather face three of the smaller nations and then get knocked out in the last 16? I know I wouldn't. If you want to win the tournament, you have to beat the best, whether than be in the group stages or the knockout stages, you'll have to play them at some point.

All the teams in our group have strong impressive individual talents. Uruguay have Suarez and Cavani, two of the best strikers in the World. However they finished 5th in their qualification group, lagging behind Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Ecuador. They are vastly inconsistent, they have a draw with Paraguay followed by a 4-0 thrashing of Chile, then a 1-1 draw with Venezuela on their qualifying campaign record.

Italy's qualifying record is similar to that of England's, they were unbeaten with a fair few unremarkable performances, including draws against Denmark, Czech Republic and Armenia. Italy are a good side, with a lot of great talent and their defensive approach makes them very difficult to play against. However they can be beaten and they can be frustrated, and you know Super Mario Balotelli is one crazy moment away from reducing them to 10 men every single time they take the field.

Costa Rica are no pushovers, they have talent on their team as well, although a defender Bryan Oviedo is a very promising young player and Joel Campbell who is owned by Arsenal knows where the goal is. Carlos Borges a central midfielder playing for AIK is also very talented on the ball and puts the meaning into "engine room" in midfield.

However England shouldn't be scared of any of these teams, we've had our troubles for sure, and we are in a little bit of a transition, but do you not think there are fans in Costa Rica, Italy and Uruguay right now commenting on Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Daniel Sturridge? We are capable of losing every single one of group games, but we are also capable of winning every single one as well.