Please, Enough with Harry Redknapp

This England team is limited by crushing mediocrity and therefore a quarterfinal berth is the best the English could hope for. I do, however, believe that Hodgson was a better choice and is doing and will do a better job than Redknapp. Redknapp built his teams on shrewd acquisitions or, in the case of West Ham, a burgeoning youth academy. His best spells were at Portsmouth, when Gaydamack was recklessly throwing money at the club, and at Tottenham, where he and Daniel Levy combined to put the craft in crafty. If you look at teams where he was simply required to pick from what he was given his record is not so rosy. When he took over QPR 12 games into the season they were seven points from safety. By the end of the season they were 14. Southampton’s form both in the Premiership and the Championship was a traitorous tarnish on his record and West Ham were almost relegated late into his stewardship after the sale of Ferdinand and company.

Januzaj aside, Harry can’t persuade players to join England. He can’t slip in and sign up a couple journeymen for England under the Bosman ruling. He can’t, at 11:58 on the night before the big game, miraculously get Van de Vaart’s name on the team sheet. He can’t sell a certain striker to Germany and buy him back six months later for 7 million profit. If you could do any of those things as manger of England then ‘Arry would be the man for the job, but you can’t, so he’s not.

At the time of picking a successor to Capello Harry was in and out of court. The man was acquitted but a 190,000 pound ‘gift’ from Mandaric that landed into a Monaco bank account named after his dog hardly sounds squeaky clean. Callum argued that "While of course it’s good that people get called out, and bad actions recognised, the man doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the art. If you think like that, not only will you miss out on Redknapp, but plenty more great men – P.G. Wodehouse, Richard Wagner, Elvis Costello, Dom Passantino." I have no idea who Dom Passatino is but that is irrelevant. What is even more irrelevant is listing poets, composers and musicians. Those guys were answerable only unto themselves. The England manager is not only a leader of men but also an ambassador for the nation. The FA has a responsibility to pick someone who is not going to make them look like the buffoons they are because there may come a time when they want to curry favor with FIFA (for our next failed world cup bid). I think the way Harry has since handled himself with spiteful interviews and an even more spiteful autobiography proves that they were right. It is silly to compare an artist and a good national football manager. One can be completely disestablishmentarian and one of them can’t.

I think people need to stop talking about what Harry could or couldn't of done (I appreciate the irony of this article). Sure, in all likeliness England would have made the world cup with almost anyone at the helm. Bar the Swiss group it couldn't have come easier but to still be eulogizing Harry as an artist comparable to Wagner the year he turned a bad QPR into a bad QPR team is a joke, neither is he anywhere near as talented or anywhere near as much of a Nazi.

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