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Frank Lampard Hangs up his (International) Boots

Frank Lampard, at the age of 36, has announced his retirement from the English National Football team.

Richard Heathcote

On Tuesday, Frank Lampard announced that he would be following in the footsteps of teammate Steve Gerrard into retirement from the international game and the English national football team. Lampard, who is on loan from New York City FC in MLS to Manchester City because his parent team does not quite exist yet, cited his career relocation as a major reason for his retirement.

Due to my club career now going in a different direction, it is of utmost importance for me to consider my family first and also to concentrate on how I can perform consistently to the best of my abilities over my next few years in club football.

Lampard began his career with West Ham, before making his name with Chelsea. He had been with the English National team for over 15 years, participating in 3 World Cups. Lampard made 106 appearances for his country, tying for sixth most English caps with Bobby Charlton. Lampard also ends his international career tied for 9th most goals with Vivian Woodward, and the highest scoring midfielder in the team's history.

Lampard remains optimistic on England's future without him, saying:

It is now the time to move forward and I feel very confident that with Roy Hodgson in charge, the young players that we have coming through, and the changes that are being made throughout the development of the youth system in this country, that we will have success in the future and a team that this country deserves.