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Results From the Poll: Should Rooney Take Sterling's Number 10 Role?

We ran a poll yesterday to see if Rooney should be given the number 10 role, here are the results.

Adam Pretty

With the rumour spreading that Rooney may be given his favoured number 10 role and Sterling moved out wide, we ran a poll at the bottom of the article on the topic to gauge your opinion.

54 % believed that Sterling has earned the right to continue in that position.

23 % said that Rooney should play as the number 10 with Sterling out wide.

23% stated that we should forget them both and simply play Fraser Forster as the number 10 (I'm thankful you people aren't the manager).

I'm of the opinion that Rooney should be dropped, however, if we're being pragmatic it's extremely unlikely Hodgson will do so, and I don't wholly blame him from shying away from a decision as huge as that. Therefore, playing Rooney as the number 10 would surely give him the perfect opportunity to impact the game, whilst Sterling is also very useful on the wing.

Check Three Lions Roar later for the line-ups and game thread and let us know what you think as the match unfolds.

Come on England!