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Health Still A Concern For England - Phil Jagielka & Phil Jones

The English defense at full strength doesn't look like a World Class unit, with injury doubts, it looks weaker than ever.

Jan Kruger

Everton defender Phil Jagielka has played just two Premier League games since February, however many expect him to start against Italy in England's World Cup opener in Brazil.

With just three warm-up games before the opening, Jagielka has admitted that he does not feel 100% and he will need the games against Peru, Ecuador and Honduras to warm up for the tournament:

"Warm-weather training last week was a little bit difficult, and it will be difficult this week but it is something I need. I do not feel 100% fit but I do feel really good at the moment,"

"I could do with these couple of games before the World Cup just to sharpen up,"

England had one of the finest defensive records in European qualifying with Jagielka and Chelsea's Gary Cahill at the back, however they are sure to face tougher tests with AC Milan's Mario Balotelli and Liverpool's Luis Suarez on the horizon.

There is some positive news in relation to Phil Jones, who could only do light training in Portugal last week due to a shoulder injury he sustained against Hull. Jones is expected to return to full-training this week with England, but the game against Peru may come just a little too quick.

If either Jones or Jagielka fail to make full recoveries in time, Everton youngster John Stones will be on stand-by, ready to take their place and his opportunity.