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Steven Gerrard To Decide International Future After Brazil

The soon to be 34 year old midfielder will decide whether to retire from international football after England's campaign in Brazil comes to an end.

Shaun Botterill

Steven Gerrard has made 109 caps for England, which is just 6 short of the outfield record currently held by David Beckham, however he may not get to that mark if he decides to hang up his international boots following the World Cup.

Speaking to the BBC recently, Gerrard said

"I'm not going to leave anyone hanging," said Gerrard. "I won't stay around if I'm not wanted."

"I'll sit down with the manager at the right time and I'll make the decision. It does depend on how the World Cup goes, how I perform, how the team performs. Am I still going to be wanted after the World Cup?

Gerrard has developed his game in the same way Andrea Pirlo has for Juventus and Italy. Pirlo now 35, is still going strong for both club and country and there is no reason to suggest Gerrard can't do the same thing.

He may not be the box-to-box midfielder he once was, but he is still one of the finest passers in the Premier League. He still gets forward when he can and he does an excellent job of breaking up play. He sits and spreads the ball to the players who have the pace to punish defences, he is in many ways, the Quarterback of the team.

Not to mention he is still one of England's best players and I can't see him regressing in the space of 6 months. I hope he continues his international career as long as he can. I understand some players like to retire from the international game to try and prolong their club careers, but Steven has showed recently he still has the motor and commitment to do both.

If his reasoning is he'll stay as long as he is wanted, I can't imagine he'll be retiring any time soon.