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Three Lions Roar Daily World Cup Countdown: 97 Days to World Cup

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Welcome to our new daily feature where we serve all the latest England and World Cup news in a simple, easy-to-read form. So be sure to check our site daily as we begin the countdown to the World Cup!

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Richard Heathcote
Some post-Denmark Roundup

Remember that guy that was supposed to be English football's next big thing? The one that was supposed to deliver us with international success? Well, his chances of going to the World Cup are now in jeopardy.

Which makes Roy Hodgson sad.

His club meanwhile, has blamed Daniel Agger for the injury.

Luke Shaw, who just make his international debut for England, wants to give Roy Hodgson, the England manager a "headache". Pretty sure that's what he needs.

Daniel Sturridge recipe for success? Watching Maradona.

Denmark's manager wished England good luck for the World Cup. What a nice man.

While former Costa Rica and Manchester City striker has a warning for Roy Hodgson's men.

England are better than Spain! Well, at least when it comes to friendlies and attendances.

So you think you can do better than Roy Hodgson?

Well you can try by picking your own England squad for the World Cup here.

Ladies rule

The Women's national team also notched a win in their quest to defend the Cyprus Cup and midfielder Karen Carney set her sights on more goals.

The kids are alright

The U21s and The U19 won their respective match and edge close to qualifying for their respective age groups European Championships.

What do you mean I can't play?

FA Officer #1: "Hey did Gareth say Will or Michael?

FA Officer #2: "Hmm.. I think he said Michael"

FA Officer #1: "Not Will?"

FA Officer #2: 'It could be Will.."

FA Officer #1: "Well, I need to register the squad now, any chance they're twins?"

FA Officer #2: "Why.. yes they are!"

FA Officer #1: "Well it doesn't matter then!"

FA Officer #2: "Great! Now, did Roy say Phil or Gary? I need to sort out the visas for Brazil"

New kits galore

World Cup year means new kits for everyone! You can find all the latest World Cup kit

Netherland celebrate their 125th anniversary with a nod to a classic design.

France also went for a classic look with their away jersey.

Greece, Portugal, and Croatia have also launched their new kit for the upcoming World Cup.

There's also new kits for Uruguay, Ivory Coast, Chile, Algeria, Switzerland, Cameroon, and Ghana.

Heartwarming moment of the day

A little boy invade (can a little boy invade?) the pitch when South Africa took on Brazil in the midweek friendly, security guards tried to stop him, but Neymar pick him up and he was lifted by Neymar's teammates. Then he have his photo taken with Neymar by David Luiz. That boy will make everybody jealous in school! (Now let's see how many little kids will try this stunt in Brazil).