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Jack Wilshere Out For 6 Weeks

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Arsenal will be without Wilshere for the next month and a half.

Richard Heathcote

Last night jack Wilshere took a boot from Liverpool''s Daniel Agger. He looked as though he was in a lot of pain and for a couple of minutes it seemed as though he would be heading for the sideline. However he battled on and played until the 60th minute.

Unfortunately, what was believe to be a bruise has turned out to be a hairline fracture in his left foot, sidelining the midfielder until the end of April. England will name their 30 man squad on the 13th of May and the final 23 man squad doesn't have to be named until the 2nd of June.

Jack was poor last night, but if he maintained a hairline fracture in his foot in the 12th minute, that could go someway to explaining it. He should still be fine for the World Cup barring any setbacks, however I don't think Roy Hodgson will be receiving a Christmas Card from Wenger this season.