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England World Cup Song Released Tomorrow

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It's that time of the year again, and I'll grimace in anticipation

We know the World Cup is about showcasing the very best in World football, the skills, the styles, the passion and the inevitable victory for one team and one nation. However we also know that the most important aspect of any World Cup is the England song.

From the likes of "We're On The Ball" by those World-renowned vocalists Ant & Dec. To "World At Your Feet" by Embrace we have celebrated the best tournament in the World with some truly spectacular song choices.

So here we are on the eve of the release of the 2014 World Cup song and I simply can't wait.

Some famous faces like Gary Lineker, Sir Geoff Hurst, Michael Owen, Glen Hoddle, Dion Dublin and Carlton Palmer will be singing along to a cover of Take That's Greatest Day.

They will be joined by some amateurs who they'll need to keep in tune, the likes of Emma Bunton, Katy B and Eliza Doolittle. Now calm down everyone, you still have 24 hours to wait.

This is of course in aid of Sport Relief, which is going ahead tomorrow and I hope everyone has taken part or at least donated a little money to a very good cause.