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John Terry Confirms His Retirement, Passes the Torch to Cahill

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In a piece of non-news, we finally hear from the horse's mouth that, yes, he IS done at the international level and, yes, England's defence CAN survive without him. Yawn.

Pictured: the Present and the Past
Pictured: the Present and the Past
Michael Regan

I know I shouldn't waste valuable time talking any more about John Terry and international football. Having retired from international football after Euro 2012, there have been no end to calls for his reinstatement into the team, especially with his recent dominating performances at club level for Chelsea (culminating in yesterday's thrashing of Tottenham). Despite countless assertions and confirmations from Roy Hodgson, Jose Mourinho and Terry himself, the defender finally went before the camera in a Sky Sports interview (check the third video there) to drive the final nail in this silly story. Rejoicing!

Perhaps more important was Terry's endorsement of England's predicted automatic starter at centre-half, Gary Cahill. Joining Terry in the "I'm-in-the-form-of-my-life" camp in recent weeks (the pair have seen Chelsea keep 9 clean sheets in their last thirteen matches), Cahill and "the other young lads" have their former skippers seal of approval in Brazil. More rejoicing!

Now then, the question becomes who will partner tell us your opinion, dear reader!