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Should we actually be worried?

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Pundits, and fans are worried about England in the World Cup. My thought is, do we have to worry?

Laurence Griffiths

The common thought world wide, is that England won't compete for the World Cup this summer. The manager is bad, the players aren't good enough, the group is even worse. It's almost like, why even bother showing up? Maybe it's a case of the pundits and fans thinking the worst. It's a bad problem in sport nowadays. Step back and think, every player that represents England is a top player in one of the best leagues in the World!

Whether you believe that the EPL is the top league in the world or not, most of the players will play some of Europe's best in the Champions League or Europa League. I know going into World Cup this year, players like Daniel Sturridge, Steven Gerrard, and Jordan Henderson didn't get to play Champions League football due to Liverpool failing to qualify. However the Manchester United players, Arsenal, and Manchester City players all represent their clubs in the Champions League. A good majority of the players representing England this summer will come form those teams. OK, so a backup or two will come from Southampton, and Celtic, but those two clubs have good coaches who are at the top of their respective fields.

Joe Hart, has had some horrible games, but most keepers have down times. Buffon with Juventus and Italy has been one of the best shot-stoppers of the last decade, and even he has had horrible matches and bat stretches, this doesn't make him a bad player. Joe Hart is playing for Manchester City, they have to face many top players, and teams. He's used to it. He could take the Uruguayans on, the Italians and anyone else, after all he sees Luis Suarez at least twice a year as well as the likes of Robin Van Persie. His backup Fraser Forester, faced Barcelona, Juventus, and AC Milan, and played to a very high level. So there's no problem in goal. Despite what BBC, or Talk sport will say.

Folks, Frank Lampard is still part of the setup, although he isn't playing as regularly anymore. There's a man save for his days at West Ham, who has played against the top players and top teams all his career, while training with some of the top players in the world on a daily basis at Chelsea. Just like Wayne Rooney with Manchester United who had the opportunity to  play with Christiano Ronaldo for a while. Plus as I said above Gerard has been around for a long time. He's got Cups in Europe on his CV.

So we're good. But the problem is how much people hate the Manager. But that's the key, it's cool to hate on the English National team. IF you are a fan, you have to doubt no matter what, because the Ghosts of 66 are still around. Yes, no one has replaced Alf Ramsey, but give Roy some credit. He took Fulham to to a Euro Cup final. Fulham. Folks, England can get out of the group. Italy are not as good as people think, Uruguay is probably the best of the group with a ton of attacking talent. Costa Rica, spoken from many of the matches I've seen, can be beaten.

We have almost six months until the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, and already teams are getting written off. Yes England isn't Spain, Brazil, Germany or even the Dutch. Of course going into a single elimination semi', quarter, and finals is a crapshoot. Just don't right  be too scared of the World Cup, go and enjoy it.