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England Hopefuls: Manchester United

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We continue to look at each team to focus on which players may be going to the World Cup

Victor Fraile

Manchester United's season has been anything but successful, if they believed life after Ferguson wouldn't be so bad, they have had a rude awakening. However I think everyone understood that this would be a rebuilding year and it would be used for Moyes to bed in his new philosophy and his vision for the future. However I think he may well have wanted to bring in a little more support and creativity in the midfield.

However saying all that, Manchester United do have a very long list of English internationals. So here is our take on who will be packing their bags for Brazil and who will be taking their kids off on their summer jollies.

Phil Jones

Versatility may well be stalling his development. Is he a centre back, or a centre midfielder. My gut is he is a centre back and when I've seen him play there, he has been very successful. At just 22 he has time on his side, he has battled a few injuries this season and is currently out of contention. However it has been rumoured that he will be included in the 30 man squad for Denmark even if he can't play because Roy wants to take a look at him. He's a big, powerful guy and the sooner United just stick him at centre back, the better for everyone.

Will he go to Brazil: This one can go either way, he may be beaten out by his team mate. He has battled injuries so he will need to show that he can be healthy to be on the plane. Personally I don't think he'll make the 23 man squad this time but he is definitely a promising guy for the future.

Chris Smalling

Smalling is another player who moves around a lot at United, playing mainly as a centre back and right back. He has good versatility and loves to get forward. Like Jones, I think he is much better suited to playing in the middle where his size comes into play. However because he can offer cover at centre back and in the full-back position, I think he may be more valuable to the England set-up. I've watched him recently and he's hasn't looked as composed or confident as he once did, but you'd be hard pressed to find a United player that isn't suffering at the moment.

Will he go to Brazil: My gut tells me he will be on the plane. When he is on form, he is an excellent defender who's good in the air and reads the game well. His ability to cover the fullback positions make him valuable as a defender in a 23 man squad. His versatility will allow us some flexibility elsewhere.

Michael Carrick

Carrick has always been one of those players who flies under the radar without much focus or spotlight. However he has also been one of England's most consistent players over the last few years. He's had a 87% pass completion record this season which for a central midfielder who likes to spread the long balls and thread the needle it's quite impressive. He can sit and play the holding midfield role well. He can break up play and then get the ball to the players who can make a difference quickly.

Will he go to Brazil: I think he absolutely will go to Brazil. He's 32, and can cover that defensive midfield role. He's good on the ball and he can open up defences with his passes. We haven't seen it that much at United this year, but he has it in his locker.

Ashley Young

Young is now 28 and will be 29 before the World Cup reaches its conclusion on July 13th. However I'm sure people still look at him like he is an improving 23/24 year old. Unfortunately what you have with Young now, is what you are going to get with him. He's missed a lot of games this year and usually picks up and injury or two a year, he's a little one dimensional for my money and personally I don't think he offers anything that a younger winger doesn't. He will pop up with the odd goal here and there which gets you out of your seat, but over the course of 90 minutes, I just don't think he affects the game enough.

Will he go to Brazil: I don't think he will. I think we have a number of promising young wingers who can affect the game more. You are looking at guys like Sterling, and guys like Lennon and Townsend...admittedly he's been poor too this season. However Ashley isn't going to be a feature for England for long, so I'd give the experience to someone else.

Tom Cleverley

Earlier this season, it was reported that Tom said he was being made a scapegoat for United's troubles. Recently he has been in and out of the team as Moyes continues to look for his best combination in midfield. I think the problem for Cleverley is he is good at everything but great at nothing. He's good on the ball and his passing is neat and tidy, but at the same time he won't unlock many defences for you and won't score many goals. He'll get back and cover well, but defensively he is a little suspect and his positioning has never been great. However he is still just 24 and he does do some things well.

Will he go to Brazil: Personally I think he will. Roy seems to really like him and he has been a regular in the first team throughout the qualifying campaign. Should he go to Brazil? based on this years performance you would question it. However I don't think he'll be left behind.

Danny Welbeck

Danny is a player that I've always liked. He's always been a very gifted player but the problem was always, he doesn't score. For a striker that's a problem. However this year he has scored 8 goals in 17 appearances and created another 10 chances for other players. He is a tricky player and he has a lot of pace and energy. He has battled some injuries this season but he is coming back into the team this year and now his composure and finishing has improved, he could be vital to United for the rest of the season.

Will he go to Brazil: 100% yes, I have little doubt that he will be on the plane. He is a very talented young striker who still has a lot of development and International football in front of him. He can offer cover up top for Sturridge, but he can also play out wide on the left in a 4-3-3 if England choose to go that way.

Wayne Rooney

Is he England's best player? probably. He's also just signed a massive £300K a week deal at United, and while I'm not sure he deserves that, he is an outstanding talent. In fact if you get a chance read this article by our pals over at The Busby Babe (SB Nation's Manchester United blog) on Rooney's contract extension. 10 goals and 44 chances created, that is why this is a no-brainer. He hasn't quite reached the heights on the International stage as we would hope, at least not in tournaments anyway, but he is still vital to the way we play. Fitting him into the team is the problem.

Will he go to Brazil: 100% yes, this is nailed on of course.

Wilfried Zaha

Was moving to Manchester United a bad move? in hindsight it probably was. However in a World Cup year, in the Summer he probably thought it was a good idea. Unfortunately for Zaha he was frozen out at United and never really broke through. However he's now on loan at Cardiff, and although he hasn't really been able to stop their slide towards relegation, he's at least getting regular football and putting his name back in contention.

Will he go to Brazil: No, I don't think he will and honestly, I don't think he deserves to. He hasn't done anything at Cardiff that the likes of Redmond hasn't done at Norwich.

Adnan Januzaj

We'll come back to him in 2017 if and when he decides if he wants to play for England.

Other players to watch for the future:

Michael Keane, Nick Powell and Jesse Lingard