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Adnan Januzaj Turns Down Kosovo Invitation

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Potential England target Adnan Januzaj is set to turn down Kosovo invitation.

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Laurence Griffiths

We haven't spoke about Adnan Januzaj and his potential involvement with the English national team for some time. Maybe that's because Manchester United have been poor this season, or the fact he seems to be spending a little more time on the bench, perhaps it's just because there is nothing more to say.

However there is a little snippet of news that could be important to England in around 3 years time.

Kosovo face Haiti next month in their first full international contest since declaring independence in 2008. At the moment Kosovo are not official members of FIFA, meaning they can only play friendlies and can not play competitive football.

To be ineligible to play for another country, you have to represent your chosen country in a competitive fixture. So even if Adnan decided to play for Kosovo next month, he would still be entitled to play for England, as long as he didn't represent any other country in a competitive fixture.

Rumors however, suggest that Januzaj will turn down the opportunity to play for Kosovo next month to concentrate on his budding career in Manchester. Even though Adnan would still be able to play for England or any other country if he took part next month, the political pressure on him to remain with Kosovo would be intense.

Adnan's father, who seems to speak on his sons behalf when it comes to his international representation wouldn't rule out the possibility that in the future his son would elect to play for Kosovo, saying:

"I was born in Kosovo, but the situation there is complicated as our Kosovo federation (FFK) is not yet recognised by Fifa." Abedin said. "It is something we will consider in the future.

"I obviously don't exclude the possibility of seeing my son in a Kosovo national team jersey in the future, but we have time to think for that as it is delicate.

"I know Roy Hodgson said he would consider having Adnan in the English squad in the future.

"But, as I said for Albania and Belgium, it is not something we are considering right now. Our full potential will be focused in doing well with Manchester United."

Adnan of course was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium. However both his parents are Kosovo-Albanians, and he is now living here in England. Meaning he could choose between Belgium, Kosovo or Albania and choose England in 2017 once he fulfills the requirements of playing and living in this country.

Albania have already tried to select him, which he turned down. It seems as the moment he is turning down Kosovo and his father has criticized the Belgian manager for his attempts to persuade Adnan to play for them.

The FA and Roy Hodgson have said that they would consider selecting Adnan when he is eligible in 2017, as we are the only country at the moment he can't play for due to residential issues and not being a resident for long enough.

Personally I don't have a problem with England selecting Adnan, if he feels as though this is his home. He moved here in his teens when many young-men are still looking for an identity, and if he identifies with the English culture, then of course I'd welcome him and his technical ability.

For now, he's staying out of International competition.