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John Terry's England Career Is Over

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Roy Hodgson met with several members of the media today, and one hot-topic was the availability of John Terry for the World Cup.

Ian Walton

We've covered it quite extensively here on TLR, but today Roy Hodgson seemed to put the final nail in John Terry's England career coffin by stating that nothing has changed, John Terry is retired and he doesn't expect that to change.

Roy was quoted as saying:

'John has retired and as far as I am concerned that is the situation.

''We have got along without him for the whole of the qualification and a few friendly matches as well so we will have to get along without him in the future.''

Hodgson added: ''As far as I am concerned, retirement is retirement. You respect that when players retire and we move on.

John Terry retired in 2012 just before the FA suspended him for 4 games for allegedly racially abusing Anton Ferdinand. He was stripped of the captaincy as a result and John decided it was time to call a halt to his international career. It is thought that Terry still has several problems with many members of the FA hierarchy, many of whom are the same ones who suspended him.

The clamour for his reinstatement has coincided with an upturn in his domestic form for Chelsea, which was capped off in fine fashion with a dominating display during Chelsea's 1-0 win at Man City. Many thought he may make himself available for selection again following such a strong season but that doesn't seem to be the case.

So we can forget about him partnering up with club-mate Gary Cahill at the heart of England's defense in Brazil. I'll never say never, regardless of how many times we hear he is retired. Football is a strange game and World Cup's don't come around very often. However we have to respect that John Terry is retired, he chose to retire and as a result he has been excellent for his club this season.

We must move on, but I don't think anyone is looking forward to seeing the likes of Balotelli, Suarez and Cavani running at Cahill and Jagielka.