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Brazil Poorly Prepared For The 2014 World Cup - Sepp Blatter

It has been a rocky road for Brazil with it's World Cup preparations, and now the FIFA President has joined the chorus of the disgruntled.

Friedemann Vogel

As we documented some time again, the preparations for Brazil have been a problem from start to finish. First we had demonstrations from Brazilians unhappy at the amount of public spending on preparations, and then we had several deaths of construction workers on World Cup Stadiums, then the workers went on strike and now 6 of the 12 stadiums are still not complete with just 5 months to go.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter is never one to hold his tongue and he has some uncomfortable home truths for the host nation today:

"No country has been so far behind in preparations since I have been at Fifa," Blatter told a Swiss newspaper.

He added: "It is the only host nation which has had so much time - seven years - in which to prepare."

Unfortunately it's a recurring theme recently, we saw the same thing in South Africa and I fully expect to see it again in the near future. With FIFA spreading the tournament to all corners of the globe and awarding the tournament to countries who don't already have the infrastructure in place, there are going to be problems.

Obviously it is self-serving to say this, however if England had been awarded the World Cup, we already have the stadium, the climate and the infrastructure to host a tournament without backlash and delay. However Brazil now faces a race against time as they try and ensure they are ready for the biggest sporting event on the planet.

Will they be ready? I'm not so sure.