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Bryan Oviedo Suffers Horrific Injury in Everton's FA Cup Game

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Costa Rica are likely going to be without Oviedo this Summer following a horrific injury in Everton's FA Cup tie at Stevenage.

Paul Gilham

When Gerrard or Baines or Wilshere go flying into a tackle, my heart stops just a little bit. I have no interest in Liverpool, Everton or Arsenal, but any injury this close to the World Cup is something to worry about.

Unfortunately for Costa Rica fans, who are paired with England in the World Cup, it looks as though they will be without talented player Bryan Oviedo.

Recently Stephen wrote a profile on Oviedo, listing him as a player to watch for Costa Rica. However following a challenge in the FA Cup 4th round tie, I would be surprised if we are seeing him on the football field any time soon.

On 20 minutes, Oviedo came together with Stevenage's Heslop, which resulted in what looks to be either a broken leg or a broken ankle. Of course we will need to wait to hear the details, but needless to say it did not look good.

We wish Oviedo the speediest of recoveries. It seems as though England won't be facing him come June.