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English Referee Howard Webb Selected For 2014 World Cup Duty

Even if the English team don't go deep into the tournament, we should have a presence late on through Howard Webb.

Laurence Griffiths

Howard Webb is a fantastic referee, people like to call him biased to one team or another, but on the grand scale he makes fewer mistakes than your average referee.

Webb was selected to officiate the 2010 World Cup along with the 2010 Champions League Final, becoming the first referee to take charge of both games in the same year.

Howard and his team of officials that include Michael Mullarkey and Darren Cann will travel to Brazil this summer to take charge of some World Cup games, which games they will be have yet to be announced.

It's not exactly exciting news, but It's good to see a Premier League officiating crew get the nod for the tournament and I wouldn't be surprised to see them officiating one of the semi-finals or even the final yet again. You can bet England won't be there for a conflict of interest.