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No Decision Has Been Made on 2022 World Cup In Qatar

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Fifa complained about South Africa, it is complaining about Brazil and it will continue to complain about Qatar.

Laurence Griffiths

The General Secretary Jerome Valcke said that the months for the World Cup in 2022 would not be June-July. prompting discussion that it would be moved to the Winter due to soaring temperatures. Then a statement was released from the World's Football governing body to confirm that no decision had been made and likely wouldn't be made for some time. This in a nutshell is FIFA and how it operates, no communication, terrible PR and absolutely no logic.

A consultation process will occur over the coming months taking into consideration all factors that could affect the World Cup. it has been correctly argued that the soaring temperatures in the Gulf would make this World Cup both unappealing and dangerous for fans and players alike. Although Qatar may not be the hottest tourist destination at the moment for a World Cup anyway, having to sit in ridiculously hot temperatures for the pleasure would be even less appealing, which may affect the revenue generated for the country and the tournament as a whole.

If you think about the raucous that has been generated based on England's opening game in Brazil, it seems strange that FIFA would allow the World's leading tournament to be staged in a country without a distinguished footballing background in conditions that are uncomfortable for both players and fans alike. It was a surprise in 2010 when the country was awarded the tournament in the first place and some have suggested a few ££'s and $$'s were lining some FIFA pockets before the vote was even taken. Pure speculation of course, but would it really surprise anyone?

It has been speculated that the tournament could take place between the 15th of November and the 15th of January where conditions are more like a warm summers day in Europe, rather than a roasting desert. This would make a lot more sense, but this raises its own questions. How would this affect the domestic season in England, we don't have a winter break and one will be forced upon us. Does that mean more calendar congestion, depleted sides playing through or a season that runs into June and July.

It may also affect the African Cup Of Nations, which is scheduled for January 2013. Would that be moved to the summer? which poses the same concerns cancelled all together? FIFA opened a can of worms when it awarded the tournament to a country, who logistically are in a difficult situation. Quite honestly, I have no idea what will happen to the 2022 World Cup, but I remain convinced that this was a poor choice of host by FIFA.Fifa complained about South Africa, it is complaining about Brazil and it will continue to complain about Qatar.