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England's Opener Against Italy Brought Forward By 3 Hours

Many of us were dreading the thought of staying up until 2:00am for England's opening kick-off, thankfully you won't have to.

Martin Rose

England's opening World Cup game has been brought forward by three hours. So instead of kicking off at 02:00am BST, it now kicks off at 11:00pm BST.

This isn't the only game to be changed, seven matches in four venues have been changed following the draw. FIFA did hear representations from broadcasters, the BBC and ITV before deciding about the change.

It's convenient for the fans at home, however it could sting the players in Brazil. The opening game is being played in the Amazonian city of Manaus where temperatures can reach 30 degrees with a humidity as high as 80%. So the original kick-off time of 9:00pm local suited England, due to it becoming cooler the later you go.

However now the game will kick off at 6:00pm local time, which means the heat is expected to be much higher as well as the humidity.  So it just got a little harder for England.