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FA Chairman Greg Dyke Creates Controversy At World Cup Draw

If drawing a tough group wasn't bad enough, you then have your football associations chairman embarrass the whole country.

Clive Mason

Greg Dyke sent England fans into a frenzy yesterday as he was seen making a cut-throat gesture as England were drawn into group D with Uruguay, Italy and Costa Rica. A signal that he didn't have much faith in England ability to navigate the group stages next summer in Brazil.

England fans immediately took to social media sites like Twitter to criticize Dyke, calling him a "traitor" among other things that we won't go into right now, and some have been calling for his sacking following an embarrassing moment.

Remember that Greg Dyke is the man who has pinpointed the World Cup in 2022 as the earliest he believes England will win a World Cup, personally I don't understand why we as a nation are struggling with confidence issues, with the man in charge all but ridiculing our chances of doing anything.

Luckily for us, he's not the man who picks the team. Was it brutal honesty? or was it stupidly embarrassing? I'll let you be the judge of that, but so far Dyke has made this gesture, set up a committee that nobody really understands and set himself targets for 9 years time, I suppose when you get paid £150,000 to do very little work, setting up a target to be judged on, only after a decade is probably a good idea.