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Berahino and England

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Saido Berahino has been massively impressive for West Bromwich Albion this term - let's take a closer look about just what role he may hold in Hodgson's England

The majestic Saido Berahino
The majestic Saido Berahino
Julian Finney

Much has been said on this blog about West Brom academy graduate Saido Berahino's meteoric rise to the forefront of Englsih football.  With only seven starts to his name, Berahino has been the Albion's brightest young light, with his celebrated  winner at Old Trafford being both his first club goal and the icing on an historic performance.  The problem with meteors (and, all too often, promising young players) is that they have a tendency of disappearing as soon as they are seen - gone in a flash.  Thus, it's necessary to take a closer look at Berahino - what he would bring to Hodgson's side, and his chances of an international call-up in the near future.

Admittedly, being a Chelsea fan (and writing this only hours after their controversial 2-2 draw against WBA), I haven't had much of an opportunity to watch Berahino; fortunately, I was able to speak with WBA fan (and noted football bigamist) Kevin Kostka of We Ain't Got No History.

Three Lions Roar: Alright, Kevin, give me the goods - just how does Steve Clarke play Berahino?

Kevin Kostka: He's used as an attacking midfielder/forward, to utilise his natural pace and technical ability.

TLR: So, in the hole behind the striker?

KK: Or out wide. Against Palace, he was on the right with Amalfitano dropping to right back.

TLR: Okay, so how could you see him interacting in Hodgson's England?

KK: He can play anywhere in the attacking third. I'd picture him out wide for Hodgson, though.

TLR: One last question for you Kevin (perhaps the most important one): do you think Berahino will get an international call-up in the near future?

KK: I do. Most were surprised he wasn't this time.

TLR: Excellent, thanks for your time.

So, there you have it.  Saido Berahino, along with Ross Barkley, Ravel Morrison and Will Hughes  (among others) represents a bright hope for England's attacking future.  Whether he reaches that potential remains to be seen, but England fans can rest assured that he is in excellent hands with Steve Clarke at West Brom.