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England Can't Win The 2014 World Cup

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Former England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson fears that England don't have what it takes to compete for the title in 2014, but success in Russia in 2018 is very achievable.

Michael Regan

"I don't believe they can win the World Cup in Brazil.

"There are a lot of young players coming in. Maybe in Russia.

"I think it's easier to win it there than in Brazil. For a European team to win in South America is not easy."

So we can add another name to the pile who don't think we can win the World Cup. It may sound strange but it is quite refreshing that so many people are writing us off. We are so used to going into these tournaments with expectations of glory, that going in with a "make it to the second round and it's a success" is quite invigorating.

The Swede who led England to the 2002 and 2006 World Cup quarter finals is not the first and he won't be the last man to doubt England's ability for glory in Brazil. He joins the likes of the FA Chairman Greg Dyke who also said England couldn't win the 2014 World Cup.

We really can't blame anyone for writing us off. We have a poor record in previous World Cups, especially in South America and we looked very sketchy during qualification. Although only conceding four games in 10 games and not losing a single qualification game is a strange kind of sketchy.

I hope people continue to doubt us, maybe we can avoid the hype of the "Golden Generation".