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England vs Chile - Who Would Make Your Starting XI?

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England face Chile on Friday night in the first of our friendlies. Here at Three Lions Roar we want to know who would make it into your starting XI.

Mike Hewitt

Here are the Three Lions Roar writers and the teams they would like to see start at Wembley. Let us know in the comments below who you would pick.

Michael Townsend (4-4-1-1)


Jones - Cahill - Jagielka - Baines

Lallana - Barkley - Lampard - Townsend



I would start Hart in goal but swap him at half time Ruddy to give them both 45 mins. Would really like to see Barkley and Lallana get some good game time so I'd start them both. Sturridge and Rooney need some more game time but I would like to see Rodriguez and Defoe get a good 30-40 mins on the pitch as well.

David Wyatt (4-3-3)


Smalling - Jagielka - Cahill - Baines

Lallana - Lampard - Barkley

Rooney - Sturridge - Townsend

I think it is important to mix the experimental players with the established squad to see how they play together. So to start the game I’m giving Forster his first cap and then rewarding Smalling for his fantastic display at the weekend. Lallana gets his chance as he has been one of the most consistent English players this year. I like Barkley’s energy in there to support Lampard’s ageing legs. Up top I’ve gone for pace with Sturridge and Townsend and you can’t leave Rooney out at the minute. I would give Rodriguez a good 45 minutes in place of Rooney. Gibbs and Lambert to also get 45 minutes.

Jonny Balchin (4-3-1-2)


Johnson - Smalling - Cahilll - Gibbs

Barkley - Jones - Lallana


Lambert - Sturridge

I think this first friendly against Chile is all about giving lesser tried players some experience in an England shirt. Taking the various injuries into account I would go with a 4-3-3 formation with Rooney in the whole behind the strikers. I would also start with Ruddy in goal (bringing Forster on at half time) and give Gibbs, Barkley, Jones and Lallana a chance to prove their worth.

Stephen Brandt (4-3-3)


Jones - Jagielka - Cahill - Baines

Lallana - Lampard - Barkley

Rooney - Sturridge - Townsend

I'd love to see some of the old guard get a run out, and then replace them with some of the younger players. I'd have left Lampard, Rooney and Gerrard out to give the younger talent a chance. We'd be able to put Sturridge in goal against Chile, they aren't that good.

Jack Brough (4-3-3)


Johnson - Jagielka - Cahill - Baines

Barkley - Lampard - Lallana

Townsend - Defoe - Rodriguez

This team has a relatively inexperienced look about it but I see this game as a chance to "blood" new players rather than put them straight in the fire against Germany on Tuesday. Forster, Lallana & Rodriguez get their first caps whilst Barkley makes his 2nd appearance. I've named, in my opinion, the best defence available to Roy Hodgson at this moment as its imperative they all have time to build an understanding and awareness of each other in preparation for the World Cup finals. My midfield 3 has Lampard & Barkley sitting slightly deeper than Lallana which will give him the chance to use his energy and creativity to open up chances for Defoe. I'm intrigued to see how Rodriguez plays in the wide left role that Welbeck utilised so well in the qualifiers, you've picked him Roy so you have to give him the chance! Rooney is a fantastic player but we know what he can do, give Defoe a chance to prove his worth up top with plenty of ammunition from Townsend on the right.

So there we have all of the Three Lions Roar guys England teams, but what we really want to know is do you agree with our picks? And if not, who would be in your starting XI for the game against Chile tomorrow?