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Platini Supports sending 40 Nations to a World Cup, Do You?

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Stephen Brandt is back with his wit and wisdom from overseas on the joys on football and England. Today we discuss the thought of expanding WC to 40 teams.

Xavier Laine

Thinking about the outcry from people chatting about Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter recommending that the World Cup expand to 40 teams, I wondered about this while pondering many things about the World Cup. While bringing in more teams would dilute the game pool, imagine the talented players that would get to be seen on the world stage? There are many player out there who don't get the time from the media, and get to be seen by scouts of the big clubs, that should. So raise the number of teams in the World Cup, and see where it goes.

Think of it this way, Mexico still have to qualify for the World Cup in 2014,  they have to play New Zealand in a two legged playoff. Imagine if they were already in? They wouldn't be going through managers like Chelsea, or Inter Milan owners do. One more big name, albeit a nation that has a lot of talent but a lack of direction. Or think of it this way, Switzerland wouldn't have to play in a playoff right now. The fact that Ibra might miss out on the World Cup is shocking. But that's part of the fun of the sport.

Also by having more national teams in the World Cup, you can get a lot more money in. Think of the pockets of the nations that haven't been in the World Cup for a while. Scotland, most of the African countries, and there's still a lot in CONCCAFF. All these national teams have good  players, individual talents to be seen at the top level would be much better than the traditional powers. We see that the European powers usually get in, and that's good. We need to expand it, for more teams, more players, and more chances for the wins.

We all know that Belgium and Spain are powers right now. But with only having 32 teams in, we might be keeping out one of the next great teams. What if Mexico misses out as outlined above, and they are a sleeping giant? We may never know. Of course the devils advocate says that eventually all great teams find their way to the top. And that may be true, except for that one nation that has a magical run in them. We need to insure that the next generation of talent comes up from the u's and they have experience in real tournaments, and the only real tournament is the World Cup.

I hate Platini and Blatter like most football fans do,  however you have to give them some credit. This isn't the first time that there has been a thought to raising the amount of participants. Heck FIFA has done it many times before, and will do it again. Let's face it, 40 teams in the World Cup will happen. And I for one, think that this could be a great thing for the future. It might water down the competition more for England and the United States to win a World Cup. And as I've said before, we need England and or the United States to win it all.