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Platini: World Cup Should Be Expanded To 40 teams

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UEFA president has advised that the World Cup should be expanded to 40 teams if we want to see more African and Asian teams compete.

Michael Steele

The World Cup is supposed to be a celebration of footballing styles from all over the World. So it's really not surprising that people want to see a variety of teams at the showcase. Recently it has suggested that fewer European teams should be eligible to qualify to ensure that there is more diversity from other corners of the globe.

However Platini has a different idea and in my humble opinion....a better idea. Extend the number of qualifying teams to 40, add more teams from Asia, Africa and the America's, and extend the competition by 3 days. More diversity, more teams and more football. Everyone is a winner.

The eligible number of teams able to qualify for the World Cup has been growing since the competitions inception in 1930. Originally at 13 teams, it was extended to 16 in 1934, to 24 in 1982 and to 32 in 1998. However with there now being 209 football associations the World Over, it's time to extend that number further. I don't think having 40 of the 209 eligible countries able to qualify going to the World Cup will water down the competition. It is still the elite section.

So what do you say? keep it at 32 and take away some European qualifying spots. Or extend it to 40, add some qualifying spots to Africa, Asia and the Americas and play more football?