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The Men of 66, OUR GHOSTS

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In his debut for the blog, Stephen Brandt talks about the boys of 66, and why we need to forget about them. Also, it's not out of the question for England to win the World Cup soon.

Clive Mason

How many pundits have talked about the boys of 1966? How many books have you all read about that famous side? So why not add another editorial to the queue on this. Then add to the fact that this writer is from America, and follows the game, not really the national sides yet. I'll watch the USA, because you have to follow your home team. Being a person with a history degree, I love to look at the old legends.

That all being said the worst thing that has happened to the English set up, is that the generation who saw the nation win the WC is old now. There's so many people who have seen Spain, Germany, France etc get really good, and win since. What do these young fans, and footballers have in their mind about the national team? Failures, and many managers leaving for not getting the WC. I know like any other side, save for the US, whom have growing expectations.

These new fans have grown up, hearing how good the national side was, and how great the parade's were. That has had to leave some to want that for the national side now. Slow down. In order for that to happen many things have to come to fruition. First of all, you have to forget the past, it will haunt you, maybe to exercise the ghosts you have to get the Ghostbusters in.

Secondly you have to get with the times, the team is playing decently, but adapt to a more free flowing game. Then again the English FA did hire Roy as the manager, and isn't he older than sin? So after Capello flamed out, the FA wasn't  going think outside the box again. That's what is also one of the many things holding them back. Not every team does well with their hire's. How many new managers has Chelsea had? So take your time and find a manager who knows the sport now. Roy could turn out to be amazing, but this is still early days for him.

The willingness he's had to bed in players like Raheem Sterling, has been a good step up.

Thirdly, stop the players have to be English natives to be on the team. We're at a point around the world, and with FIFA not passing a rule to get around this, that you can steal players from other countries who have some connection to your country. Adnan Januzaj is one in the future the FA needs to steal. Think of it this way, The US national team, while really good, has mined the German leagues for dual nationals and pulled out some players who made a huge difference. Winning the team 13 matches in a row, and the Gold Cup.

While the competition in Europe is far better than in CONCCAF, let's be honest if Roy went to some dual's and brought some flair, or another goal keeper in, it could change the future of the FA. And you could stop hearing about 1966. The set up hasn't helped any manager in the past, and is dragging it's feet to help the future.

Plus, you need to get more kids playing the sport, and better coaching, but we'll save that for another time, and either TalkSport, or any journo needing an editorial to write. For now.